The Villages


“Grandma” She is from the village of Mah Oh Jo in the Om Koi region of Thailand. She is the one of the warmest smiles in the village and is a hat making master.



Rice is the number one crop in the Hill tribes and the base to the villager diet. This is a woman sifting rice in the kitchen portion of her hut.


The Karen people are super hospitable and people oriented. If you ask a village parent what their hope or dream is, most will respond with answers that relate to their children. Children are the heart of a village and because of the work of ITDP, Lanna, Hill Tribes coffee roasters, and you drinking coffee, many more children are living, healthy, educated and on a course for a bright future.


A local covering up a new irigation pipe in his village. As clean water becomes more available, it can be more efficiently used to grow crops, especially coffee.


 Here the kids will recieve an education that is accepted by the ministry of education of Thailand which then allows them an opportunity to further their education in Thailand. They learn the Thai languange and culture as well as math and even english. 


These local kids are posing in front of the Mah Oh Jo school building constructed by ITDP. After water and sanitation, education is the next initiative.

Photos on this page by Titus Haug.